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Renewal and Reinstatement of a Professional Certificate
   HB 7069 (2017)
For renewal of professional certificates with a beginning validity date of July 1, 2020, or thereafter, in any area of certification that includes reading instruction or intervention for any students in kindergarten through grade 6, educators will be required to earn a minimum of two college credits or the equivalent in-service points (40 points) in the use of explicit, systematic and sequential approaches to reading instruction, developing phonemic awareness and implementing multisensory intervention strategies. Please note on HB 7069 goes into effect for educators whose validity period starts July 1, 2020 and thereafter. For those educators who have to renew by June 30, 2020 this is not in effect for you now. Once you renew, you will be in the first group of educators who will have to earn the 40 in-service points before your next renewal of June 30, 2025. Courses for this renewal requirement will be available starting July 1, 2020.

Earning Reading Renewal points and Students with Disabilities points may be satisfied with one training course if it meets the standards for reading and exceptional education. District approval is required. We have approved all FDLRS courses for SWD/ESE and/or Reading Renewal credit. Coursework that meets these criteria and the 20-hour Exceptional Student Education requirement may count for both purposes.

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