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What We Do:

The Students with Disabilities Module Program has been developed in response to the need for inservice credit in Special Education and Students with Disabilities. The SWD Module Program has been approved for inservice credit by the Christian Schools of Florida, Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools; the Jewish Association of Schools, the FL-GA Lutheran School Association, and Association of Christian Schools International to meet the Florida Department of Education SWD renewal requirements as set by the Florida Legislature 2014 and can be used as professional points in your association’s renewal requirements. There are five modules in the program (each earning four inservice points). These modules can be completed within the school by an individual or in teams, but the teacher’s responses must be unique and individualized. Teams can share information they discovered, but the teacher must answer the questions individually.

How To Send Them In:

Please send all work for one module in one file. The cost of each module is $5.00 or $20.00 for the entire SWD program equaling 20 points. Be sure your address is in our records so that we can send your certificate to you. Should you wish to be a part of the SWD Module Program, then send a return email filling out the information below. To help us process your certificate, add your mailing address to the email each time you write us. Make your check out to Educational Enterprises and mail it with the email application to Dr. Barry Morris.

Please copy this format when sending:

  • School Name:       __________________________________
  • Teacher Name:    _________________________________
  • Email Address:  __________________________________
I am mailing the check for $20.00 made out to Educational Enterprises.
The check and application should be mailed to:
  • Dr. Barry Morris
  • Educational Enterprises
  • P.O. Box 100
  • Collins, MS 39428

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